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Triumph 500/350 Rocker Spindle End Caps T100-set

Triumph 500/350 Rocker Spindle End Caps T100-set

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Model:  T22
Part Number:  T100-set
Brand:  Motalia

These are the removable end caps fitted to all Triumph 500/350 Rocker Spindles. If the originals are damaged or over size through being hammered these can be fitted to bring the rocker spindle back into service. The price is for 2 items. The old ones can be removed by making up a tube drawer, or we can remove and fit new ones for a £3 fee per spindle. These items are made from stainless steel which you can polish for a show winning finish. These are a press fit to most spindles but from experience the original spindles can vary by 0.001" so you may need locktight.

T100-set - T22

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