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03) 1/4'' Cycle 26 tpi Radius Top Stainless Nut  NCF14026R Q05

03) 1/4" Cycle 26 tpi Radius Top Stainless Nut NCF14026R Q05

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Model:  Q05
Part Number:  NCF14026R

1/4" Cycle - 26 tpi Full Nut with a Radiused Top instead of a chamfer standard Whitworth spanner size of 0.445" across flats.

NCF14026R Q05

This is a nut with a Radiused Top made from 303 stainless steel. It is machined back and front for a superior finish and the hexagon sides are hand finished to a semi polish. It then spends 72 hours in a polishing machine to slightly dull the sharp edges and to give them a silky feel so you do not leave cloth particles on them when cleaning the bike

You can buff it to a chrome finish or sand blast it for a cadmium look.

These nuts are in a class of their own and not like the ones turned from hexagon bar you see elsewhere.

Two Nuts are shown for clarity, the price is for one.

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