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0201) Triumph Rocker Box Bolts Stainless E2982-set K2-68x4

0201) Triumph Rocker Box Bolts Stainless E2982-set K2-68x4

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Model:  K2-68x4
Part Number:  E2982-set
Brand:  Motalia

These are a set of 4 Stainless Steel rocker box bolts. They are the 1/4" diameter ones with the small heads that go at the outer corners of the rocker box. These were made for the pre unit 650 engine but will also fit unit motors upto 1968. They are supplied together with 4 stainless rectangular sectioned lock washers. The Triumph part number for these is E2982 which means they fit the Pre Unit T110,TR6 and T120 and 650 Unit motors till 1968. The thread is long enough for them to be shortened so that they can also be used on the 6T. Please note these have a 1/4 cycle thread, if you need a Whitworth thread for a later model we have these listed also.

Please note all stainless parts MUST be assembled with copa slip (copper slip), which we also list on ebay.

All British thread data can be viewed on our web site. Any queries please phone Motalia on 01953 789420 office hours.

These items are Made in England.

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