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010) BSA Gold Star Stainless Steel Engine + G/Box Studs - 005BB

010) BSA Gold Star Stainless Steel Engine + G/Box Studs - 005BB

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Model:  005BB
Part Number:  005BB
Brand:  Motalia

These are a set of 12 BSA Engine and Gearbox Plate Studs Nuts and lock Washers in Stainless Steel. They are supplied together with 24 stainless single chamfer cycle nuts which are the correct 60 degree thread angle; and the correct spanner size across the flats, 24 rectangular section stainless lock washers are also included. They will fit all B Series duplex models. The studs have slightly domed ends which can easily be polished to look great as they slightly protrude through the nuts. The nuts have a single sided chamfer and are machined back and front to leave a nicely machined finish, each side of the nuts have been linished to leave a bright finish rather than the dull finish normally found on hex bar. All nuts are semi polished so they can easily be polished to a mirror finish or bead blasted to give that original cadmium look. Please note all stainless parts should be assembled with copa slip (copper slip ®), which we also sell. All British thread data can be viewed on our web site. Any queries please phone Motalia on 01953 789420 office hours. These items are Made in England. J23x1 J05x1 J33x3 J45x5 J52x1 R50x1

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